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Journey of Hope
Seasons of Womanhood
Joyful in Hope

Welcome to the website of Jean Gibson: public speaker and author of 'Journey of Hope', 'Seasons of Womanhood' and 'Joyful in Hope'.
Jean's deep desire is to encourage everyone to be involved in mission and has many years' experience in communication. She would be very happy to come to your church to speak about her writing and her experiences in Africa.

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Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope is the story of a fascinating journey made through Kenya and Malawi by Jean and Brian Gibson in June 2011, and the amazing people met along the way.
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So many acts of faith and courage go unreported. As Jean and Brian Gibson travel through Malawi and Kenya, they meet national Christians who have overcome extraordinary challenges in their lives to preach Christ and model Christian discipleship. Christians in Africa face profound challenges including female circumcision, polygamy, child abuse and HIV. Here are 14 striking examples of how individual Christians are developing ministries of reconciliation, and offering education, health care, and new ways of living. The future for sub-Saharan Africa lies, to a remarkable degree, in the hands of the church. This is a vivid series of illustrations of how this redemptive work is being undertaken.

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